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Mission and values

The municipal council of Ville de Saint-Lazare is presently examining the Base de plein air’s future vocation. Its mission, vision and values may undergo changes. An advisory committee has been set up for this purpose.

Our mission

The Base de plein air is a municipal park whose mission is to offer various enriching recreational activities for the whole family in a safe and natural environment.

Our vision

We want the Base de plein air to become a model for municipal outdoor recreation centres thanks to the quality of the services offered, our sound management practices and our skilled and dedicated staff.

Our values


Putting nature first and protecting the forest and the environment are our organization’s top priorities and they guide our choices as well as our services and programming.

The outdoor experience

Letting children and the “kid in all of us” get their knees dirty, roll around in the sand, dig holes, catch critters or play in the snow in order to rediscover the fun of being outdoors.


Making the outdoor center, its facilities and paths as accessible as possible, financially and physically, for families, for people with disabilities and for the whole population.


Promoting partnerships with not-for-profit organizations, the private sector and surrounding municipalities, in a spirit of openness, cooperation and mutual assistance, in order to offer quality services and activities to our clientele.